Private Lessons

Curt can help you achieve your goals whether you are just trying to get some help with a young puppy or preparing for a national obedience competition. It is all about developing a solid relationship built on clear communication. Curt’s day job is a college professor at Tennessee Technological University. He has won awards for his teaching and is one of the best communicators that you come across.

Some of the behaviors may be house breaking, walking on a loose leash, greeting people, not jumping on you, crate training…etc.

All dogs are special and are individuals. It is important that you contact Curt if you have particular problems before scheduling a lesson. Below are the lesson fee Information. Best contact via email.

General pet and behavioral issues: $40/Hr
Competition training lessons: $50/Hr

Frequently Asked Questions about Private Lessons

  • Do you teach house breaking and basic puppy training?
    • Yes I am happy to help people with house breaking. ┬áIt is so important to get this part of your relationship worked out because if it is not done correctly it can really cause a lot of frustration and tension between the family and the dog.
  • Do you train older dogs as well?
    • Yes, dogs can learn at any age. My 11-year-old collie is still very excited to learn new things. She is much happier when she is leaning and interacting with me.
  • Do you also teach group classes?
    • We do teach group classes. We often have a CGC (Canine good citizen) class running as well as pet therapy classes but the vast majority of my teaching is privet lessons. With privet lessons we can focus on your specific life style. This way you are never find yourself standing around in class while they go over stuff you are not the least bit interested in.
  • How many lessons will I need?
    • It is hard to tell how many lessons you will need. So I do not ask people to sign up for 6 months at a time. Instead I say come once or as many times as you wish. Come when you can fit it into your schedule or just when you’re having problems.
  • If I do not have time to do lessons do you board and train the dogs as well?
    • We do offer a boarding and training for people who schedules do not allow them to come and train with us. In this case the dog will live with us and I will lay down the foundation skills needed to have a good companion. You will need to do a follow up lessons to ensure you (as a dog handler) are doing it correctly but the baseline of skills will have already been worked on with the dog.
  • Do you handle dog aggression?
    • Yes I do handle both dog on dog aggression as well as dog on people aggression.