Bringing Dog Training To A New Level

Curt Brock’s collie, “Shau bau” was ranked the #1 AKC obedience collie for five years and earned 200’s in both Open and Utility. In 2010 his Golden "KEY" was ranked the #3 allbreed obedience dog in this country earning 1200 OTCH points in one year and even scoring a 200 in both open and utility on the same day! Learn how he builds and maintains that level of drive and precision.

I am a Professor at Tennessee Technological University, so teaching is something I love to do and something I have devoted my whole life to doing. So when I fell in love with dogs and dog training it was not hard to me to merge these two passions and the results have been amazing.

I work with people at all levels of dog training, from pet owners wanting to have a companion dog that does what they ask, all the way to people that are preparing dogs for national obedience competions.

Many of the people that come to me are frustrated because they have already taken some basic classes with their dogs and have not seen any real changes in the dog’s behavior.

Often they have been placed a group class and the teacher spends most of the time dealing with the most unruly dog and barking out commands to students with little or not real learning happening. To me that is like trying to teach a child to do algebra while they are on recess! As with much in the world, there are dog trainers who know some basics and then there are the excellent trainers who really understand how dogs learn and how to fix the client’s problems. All of my dogs have been invited to compete in the American Kennel Club’s National Obedience Trial finals so I have proven to be one of the top trainers in the country and I am excited to share what I know with you.

My goal is for you to be able to live in harmony with your pets, and for you to be able to take them anywhere knowing they will listen to you.

Most people really do not understand how dogs learn or how to communicate with them in a way that is both effective and cooperative. I encourage you to come and spend an hour with me and I will be happy to share my understanding of dogs with you.

I have a saying that I tell all my dog training students, no matter what level they are working at. ”Dogs can touch your life in a deep and meaningful way. What you put into them in the way of time and energy and knowledge is what you get out from them in the way of love and a willingness to work and cooperate with you.”